Develops New Amazon Associate Website:

E-commerce For Everyone developer of Amazon Associate Websites has created another masterpiece in e-commerce technology. They have just wrapped up the initial design and development for a UK online video game vendor
Game Console Store

Our client was already an established online retailer but had only experimented with the Amazon Associates program. Selling Xbox, PS3 and Nintendo game consoles is just the beginning of this video game website. They are one of the few online retailers that have video product reviews for their products, allowing gamers to get a first hand view of the game while they decide to purchase. As one of the premier UK retailers in this space, is sure to please video game fans everywhere. Develops New Amazon Associate Website:

This week was another busy week for us here at . We’re a development company that specializes in the development and marketing of Amazon Associate retail websites. We help our clients compete in online retail spaces that are traditionally dominated by larger retailers. In fact, larger retailers have been loosing market share to more and more Amazon Associates.

This week, we developed , a new niche retailer with a focus on tools and home improvement. Custom designed for less then $350, this website owner will be generating revenue from his website for years to come.
Top Tools Site

What is so amazing about this new revolution in e-commerce, is that affiliate website owners can jump into e-commerce with little or no experience, setup a retail site and their in business, competing with large competitors. With Amazon standing behind their Associates, site visitors have a certain level of trust in knowing that their order will be fulfilled in a prompt manner, the way it was described on the website. These websites are built on the Amazon Web Services platform and utilize an automated merchandising technology developed by E-commerce For Everyone (E4E).

Welcome To My Shiny New E-commerce Blog

Welcome to this shiny new wordpress blog. I’ll be using it as another great place to blog. I have few blogs already for the following topics:

  1. E-commerce Blog
  2. amazon associates
  3. online shopping
  4. web development
  5. information technology
  6. Google Adsense
  7. Website Marketing

Anyway, those are a few of the hot topics I’ll be discussing on this blog. I hope that you’ll take an opportunity to subscribe to this blog if you like it, feel free to comment on our posts, and feel free to put us in your blog roll if you want to really be cool.

I’m a web developer (php) for a small start-up called , we specialize in Amazon Associate Websites. I like to blog about my day to day experiences with my work and interesting industry news. I started getting interested in e-commerce several years ago, about the same time that I thought, wow, it’d be cool to have a computer related job (back in 1996).

I work with lots of amazon associates helping them to brand and market their e-commerce sites. Its lots of hard and fun work. I’m working on a Amazon Associates Video Podcast too. I just started doing the videos recently, but they’ve been getting a fair amount of views.

This has been post#1 on this craptastic, I mean fantabulous wordpress blog (are those even words).