Develops New Amazon Associate Website:

Continuing to prove that 2008 is the Year of The Affiliate (Amazon Associates that is),
Stock My Office is another break through website showing that affiliate marketers are making serious gains in online retail.

Designed and developed by , developers of Amazon Associate Websites, was created as a low cost high quality alternative to the often higher priced super stores. With a million plus items in it’s product catalog finding that replacement ink cartridge for your printer just got alot easier. will currently focus on four office supply market segments, Office Electronics, Office and School Supplies, Office Computers and Office Furniture & Lighting. One of the competitive advantages that has over its competitors is it’s association with Amazon. Not having to do the heavy lifting in logistics such as warehousing, stock, order processing, and order fulfillment, has the advantage of being able to focus primarily on it’s branding, marketing, and conversion. Develops New Amazon Associate Website:

Move over Bed, Bath and Beyond, is moving on in.

This home decor site promises to deliver modern living and a dose of style. Created for busy shoppers that are looking to add a touch of pizazz to their digs, without ever actually really seeing the bottom of an empty wallet. Quality is a must, but expense doesn’t have to be. offers free shipping on most orders over $25, making ordering that new coffee table affordable and convenient. Even in a recession, you can live lavishly and then some with our catelog of well known designers and brands.

The website was developed by E-commerce For Everyone, developers of Amazon associate e-commerce websites. Develops New Amazon Associate Website:

Living green, and being eco-friendly is a growing trend. Wanting to reduce their carbon footprint, and maintain control of energy prices, more and more people are starting to explore renewable energy choices like Wind and Solar energy. The green movement is definitely growing, and where there is demain, retailers waste no time in serving the market for eco-friendly products.
Eco-Friendly Shopping Online is an online retailer specializing in Solar and Wind energy products. People interested in eco-friendly shopping now have a greener alternative. All of the electronics sold at the site are energystar compliant. The site’s design is clean and green. The navigation was left very simple so people could find what they need inside of 2 clicks. No trees were harmed in the building of this site : )