Develops New Amazon Associate Website:

Watch out Sports Authority, has come online to take a piece of the sporting goods retail market.
Sports Direct Mega Store
Developer of niche amazon associate retail sites, E-commerce For Everyone developed this sporting goods site as an alternative sports gear site. The website sells sports equipment for a wide range of sports including everything from Baseball, Football, Basketball and Running to Skiing, Lacrosse and Golf.

The site design was inspired by Dick’s Sporting Goods, one of the leaders in online sports equipment. The website makes it very easy to find what you’re looking for in regards to sports products. Most items are just one or two clicks away from the home page.

Being Super Bowl Sunday, it seemed right to blog about a sporting website. Sporting goods equipment and apparel sales have increased, especially with the closure of the traditional sporting goods stores like sports authority. This site is using an older version 1 install of the E4E application at the owner’s request, however, a future upgrade will eventually be rolled out to include more social networking tools. Develops New Amazon Associate Website: developed by E-commerce For Everyone is an online retailer of high end womens Intimates, Shoes, Handbags and Accessories.

The New Fashions SourceWith a wide selection of fashion accessories including WalletsSunglassesBelts and Shapewear. This website promises to have everything for sophisticated lady shopper. The website’s design was inspired by some of the trendy shops and boutiques of Manhattan’s Madison Ave.

The website makes no secret that it favors the style of high end garment designers such as  BallyBurberryDolce & GabbanaFendi,
GucciNine WestPradaPoloTommy Hilfiger and Versace.

When it was time to work with a website designer, it was important for to work with someone who had experience with affiliate retail, and affiliate marketing. The decision was made to go with because of their experience in working with affiliate marketers, and having a great understanding of what we needed to get our site live, with the latest technologies available, and at a reasonable budget for the project.

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Amazon Associate Website: is A Coffee Drinker’s Paradise

On this blog post, I’d like to talk about a fresh new Amazon Associate website, . The site is designed to be a one stop shop for the coffee junkie who can’t get enough of the liquid gold. Coffee drinkers everywhere can rejoice when they visit Coffee Drinker’s Heaven.

Coffee is one of the most traded commodities around the world. So when thinking of additional verticals to get into, it was an easy choice for Ecommerce For Everyone ((E4E) developer of Amazon Associate website solutions and Affiliate Retailers).

The website doesn’t just focus on the most basic items like coffee makers, but the website carries a full suite of products to compliment the primary offering like coffee grinders, espresso machines, various blends of coffee and tea.

Having a wide variety of products was always important to be broadly appealing in this market. Attention to quality was also at the forefront of thoughts over at , so offering some of the biggest brands in the industry like Cuisinart, Keurig, Krups and DeLonghi was a no brainer.

Drinking coffee is popular around the world, so the market size is tremendous. I’m curious to see how well this site will operate with just a little marketing to get it kicked off. A follow up post for this website will be made in just a few months. The design of the site is not custom, it’s using one of the pre-designed styles offered by E4E. Develops New Amazon Associate Website:

Have you ever thought to yourself how cool it would be to have a site that sold Amazon items, like the retail giant?
Buy Stuff Online
One E-commerce For Everyone client had that same exact question, the result was the creation of an online retail mall. The website’s design is inspired by the site. This site promises everything from hi-def televisions to coffeemakers and everything in between. is a website that was developed by E-commerce For Everyone, a developer of Amazon Associate powered e-commerce stores. The website owner already had experience with doing some website marketing, but didn’t have experience with website design or development. Once the design of the site was completed, the client was able to hit the ground running with his marketing campaigns.

Buy Stuff Online has had great success in the consumer electronics market, setting a new E4E record of 28 digital cameras sold in one day. The site strives to focus on those must have products, like replacement kindle batteries, and nintendo wii hardware.

E-commerce For Everyone is no stranger to creating innovative solutions for Amazon Associates. The company has an amazon e-commerce showcase on it’s website, showing off some of the design and development skill of it’s employees. Develops New Amazon Associate Website: is a new website designed to help new parents with the challenges of potty training.
Potty Training

Being a new parent can be a challenge, and is here to help make it easier to go through the potty training phase. The site carries everything you would need to help your child make the transition to being a big kid. claims to carry the internet’s largest selection of potties and seats, training pants and potty training books, even cute little step stools. I’m not sure if that is a claim to be proud of, but when it comes to helping you get your kid get ready, this is probably the right place to grab your potty training gear.

The site was designed by E-commerce For Everyone, developers of niche e-commerce websites for Amazon Associates. When the idea for the site development was proposed, it was an immediate hit with the developers, who enjoyed showing off the flexibility of the E4E Amazon Storefronts. Affiliates today like to focus on a niche vertical markets. and want to develop sites without the sacrifice of design and functionality. Develops New Amazon Associate Website:

The owners of a new Amazon Associate e-commerce website are saying cheese. was developed to offer a wide range of photography gear to everyone from the novice photographer to the film maker.

We Know Photo
With everything from digital cameras, slr cameras, lenses, filters, tripods and other accessories, has a wide range of photo gear and prices that won’t make you shutter. wants to become a niche player in the photography supplies market competing with other traditional brick and mortar retailers such as RitzCamera. By working in conjunction with the Amazon Associates program, can offer a wide scope of products, without the overhead a traditional retailer may have. With top brands like Canon, Nikon and Sony available to it’s shoppers, finding the right camera just got a whole lot easier. For more information on developing your our Amazon Associates storefront, just checkout E-commerce For Everyone. Develops New Amazon Associate Website:

Continuing to prove that 2008 is the Year of The Affiliate (Amazon Associates that is),
Stock My Office is another break through website showing that affiliate marketers are making serious gains in online retail.

Designed and developed by , developers of Amazon Associate Websites, was created as a low cost high quality alternative to the often higher priced super stores. With a million plus items in it’s product catalog finding that replacement ink cartridge for your printer just got alot easier. will currently focus on four office supply market segments, Office Electronics, Office and School Supplies, Office Computers and Office Furniture & Lighting. One of the competitive advantages that has over its competitors is it’s association with Amazon. Not having to do the heavy lifting in logistics such as warehousing, stock, order processing, and order fulfillment, has the advantage of being able to focus primarily on it’s branding, marketing, and conversion. Develops New Amazon Associate Website:

Move over Bed, Bath and Beyond, is moving on in.

This home decor site promises to deliver modern living and a dose of style. Created for busy shoppers that are looking to add a touch of pizazz to their digs, without ever actually really seeing the bottom of an empty wallet. Quality is a must, but expense doesn’t have to be. offers free shipping on most orders over $25, making ordering that new coffee table affordable and convenient. Even in a recession, you can live lavishly and then some with our catelog of well known designers and brands.

The website was developed by E-commerce For Everyone, developers of Amazon associate e-commerce websites. Develops New Amazon Associate Website:

Living green, and being eco-friendly is a growing trend. Wanting to reduce their carbon footprint, and maintain control of energy prices, more and more people are starting to explore renewable energy choices like Wind and Solar energy. The green movement is definitely growing, and where there is demain, retailers waste no time in serving the market for eco-friendly products.
Eco-Friendly Shopping Online is an online retailer specializing in Solar and Wind energy products. People interested in eco-friendly shopping now have a greener alternative. All of the electronics sold at the site are energystar compliant. The site’s design is clean and green. The navigation was left very simple so people could find what they need inside of 2 clicks. No trees were harmed in the building of this site : ) Develops New Amazon Associate Website:

E-commerce For Everyone developer of Amazon Associate Websites has just finished developing a new e-commerce website:
All Phone Deals

Wanting to move their retail operations online, our client was already an established brick and mortar retailer of office phones, cell phones, voip, phone accessories and pbx systems. They wanted to be able to offer more products to consumers, and simplify they’re complicated order and shipping processes they had in place with existing drop shippers and manufactures.

Since launching they’re new website, has been able to offer more of the selection their audience has become accustomed to. Offering the latest phones and devices, and bringing them to market in a timely amount of time was key for the small phone retailer. The development of this e-commerce site was under 30 days. has begun a multi-channel marketing campaign to improve natural search engine placement, and generate growing levels of incoming traffic. We’ll be keeping an eye on this site and follow up on their success.