Amazon Associate Website: Shows that Affiliate Retail is Going Strong

2009 has been a great year for Amazon Associates and affiliate retail in general. We’ve been fortunate enough to focus on sales and expanding into new markets and niches. One of the niche markets we decided to enter was on the higher end retail of computer hardware. Specifically the Apple MacBook Pro and the Apple iMac.

Apple has been on a role lately and it seems that people can’t get enough of their products. I’ve personally been keeping an eye out for a new MacBook Pro, for my web development. Since creating the store, the traffic has increased week after week, and each time Apple has a product launch, the site is flooded with interested visitors. Although (developer of Amazon Associate websites) has created many profitable stores, this particular store has been generating a significant amount of revenue as of late.

In addition to the Apple products, the site is also encouraging it’s users, mainly techies to purchase parts for building and repairing computers, such as motherboards, memory, hard drives, and other pc hardware.

The design of the website surprisingly was not custom, instead, the site is using one of the E4E pre-designed styles. The look is simple and clean. A custom design might be in the future for this website. Hopefully also a dedicated blog to review all of the products. Because operating the site itself is very affordable, it has paid for itself several times over, and those funds are being used to launch several additional niche web sites for affiliate retail. We’ll revisit this website in a follow up post to check on it’s status. Develops New Amazon Associate Website:

Continuing to prove that 2008 is the Year of The Affiliate (Amazon Associates that is),
Stock My Office is another break through website showing that affiliate marketers are making serious gains in online retail.

Designed and developed by , developers of Amazon Associate Websites, was created as a low cost high quality alternative to the often higher priced super stores. With a million plus items in it’s product catalog finding that replacement ink cartridge for your printer just got alot easier. will currently focus on four office supply market segments, Office Electronics, Office and School Supplies, Office Computers and Office Furniture & Lighting. One of the competitive advantages that has over its competitors is it’s association with Amazon. Not having to do the heavy lifting in logistics such as warehousing, stock, order processing, and order fulfillment, has the advantage of being able to focus primarily on it’s branding, marketing, and conversion.