Amazon Associate Website: is A Coffee Drinker’s Paradise

On this blog post, I’d like to talk about a fresh new Amazon Associate website, . The site is designed to be a one stop shop for the coffee junkie who can’t get enough of the liquid gold. Coffee drinkers everywhere can rejoice when they visit Coffee Drinker’s Heaven.

Coffee is one of the most traded commodities around the world. So when thinking of additional verticals to get into, it was an easy choice for Ecommerce For Everyone ((E4E) developer of Amazon Associate website solutions and Affiliate Retailers).

The website doesn’t just focus on the most basic items like coffee makers, but the website carries a full suite of products to compliment the primary offering like coffee grinders, espresso machines, various blends of coffee and tea.

Having a wide variety of products was always important to be broadly appealing in this market. Attention to quality was also at the forefront of thoughts over at , so offering some of the biggest brands in the industry like Cuisinart, Keurig, Krups and DeLonghi was a no brainer.

Drinking coffee is popular around the world, so the market size is tremendous. I’m curious to see how well this site will operate with just a little marketing to get it kicked off. A follow up post for this website will be made in just a few months. The design of the site is not custom, it’s using one of the pre-designed styles offered by E4E.

Welcome To My Shiny New E-commerce Blog

Welcome to this shiny new wordpress blog. I’ll be using it as another great place to blog. I have few blogs already for the following topics:

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Anyway, those are a few of the hot topics I’ll be discussing on this blog. I hope that you’ll take an opportunity to subscribe to this blog if you like it, feel free to comment on our posts, and feel free to put us in your blog roll if you want to really be cool.

I’m a web developer (php) for a small start-up called , we specialize in Amazon Associate Websites. I like to blog about my day to day experiences with my work and interesting industry news. I started getting interested in e-commerce several years ago, about the same time that I thought, wow, it’d be cool to have a computer related job (back in 1996).

I work with lots of amazon associates helping them to brand and market their e-commerce sites. Its lots of hard and fun work. I’m working on a Amazon Associates Video Podcast too. I just started doing the videos recently, but they’ve been getting a fair amount of views.

This has been post#1 on this craptastic, I mean fantabulous wordpress blog (are those even words).